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Pain is an extremely uncomfortable experience. It can make people feel weak and affect people's emotions.

In the face of pain, people will have a variety of reactions, some people lick their teeth and "hip-hop", and some people endure sweating.

Among the many causes of pain, the following five kinds of pain caused by nerve damage can make people feel uncomfortable without obvious inflammation or trauma.

To overcome it, you have to know its nemesis: the neurotrophic mecobalamin.


The nerve transmits the signal of the body like a cable.

When the sensory organ is stimulated to produce an electrical signal, it is transmitted to the brain through the nervous system to "translate" into pain and make corresponding actions.

These signals are abnormal once the nerve is damaged or stimulated.

Sometimes, in the absence of external stimuli, painful stimuli are generated in absentia. Sometimes even with external stimuli, pain signals can't be transmitted to the brain, and people don't feel pain.

Pain caused by nerve damage, that is, neuropathic pain, patients often feel burning or stinging, some people describe it as electric shock, and others describe it as acupuncture-like pain.

Some people with nerve damage are often overly sensitive to temperature and touch, just a slight touch, such as touching the sheets, can cause pain.

The following five types of pain are typical of nerve damage.


Herpes zoster is a local infection caused by a recurrent varicella virus in nerve cells in the body. The folks call it snake snake sores.

At the time of the attack, the virus will lick along the nerve channel to the skin, causing a rash, and at the same time, it will cause severe pain and weakness.

xxHerpes zoster usually occurs on one side of the body, along the path of the nerve. After herpes disappears, postherpetic neuralgia often occurs, usually lasting for about a month.


This pain comes from the nerve damage of the feet, hands and arms caused by diabetes. People with diabetic neuropathy experience various types of pain, including burning, tingling, and the like.

The trigeminal nerve is the facial nerve. If the nerve is inflamed, it can cause facial pain.

Pain can be described as a strong, electric shock, which usually occurs on the lips, scalp, forehead, eyes, nose, gums, cheeks, and chin.

Pain can be triggered by touch or slight facial movement.


This syndrome is characterized by chronic pain, which is derived from damage to the central nervous system. Injury can be caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis, tumors, etc.

This pain usually persists and is very intense. Most areas of the body or limited to small areas, such as hands and feet, can feel pain. Exercise, touch, negative emotions, and temperature changes can all exacerbate this pain.

This is a chronic pain syndrome that is described as persistent burning pain. Abnormalities may occur in the painful area, such as abnormal sweating, skin color changes or swelling.

Mecobalamin is a nutrient nerve drug commonly used in the gods and gods.

It promotes the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins and neuromyelin in nerve cells, stimulates axonal regeneration, repairs damaged peripheral nerves, and improves neuronal conduction. It is a commonly used drug for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy and pain.


Mecobalamin can repair peripheral nerves and is therefore often used in:




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